Wednesday, February 27, 2008

At Your Service Ibiza

At you Service Ibiza is now up and running and I must say that the past month has been busy. I´ve already taken 5 cars for their annual vehicle inspection and am happy to say that all passed with flying colours.

The best bit was telling all the cars owners that they can now drive safely for another year but the worst bit was having to be there at six in the morning. However it did pay off as I was the first in the queue and was all done and dusted before nine. Unlike the 30 cars behind.

Although I do think the man at the Ibiza ITV centre must have thought I was pretty well off as he´s seen me 5 times in a few weeks and each time I have a different car.

I´ve also been doing some garden maintenance which was surprising therapautic as it was just a nice day. It was so nice do be out in the fresh air and enjoying the lovely Ibiza weather.

This morning I´ve also accompanied someone while they bought a new car and needed help with all the necessary paperwork. We were actually very lucky as everywhere we went there were surpisingly little people. This is probably due to the fact that January and February are when most people take their hols in Ibiza.

Easter is coming early this year so most Ibiza business owners are starting to think about getting their bars and restaurants open for the season. This week I have 2 big cleaning jobs in San Antonio helping the owners get ready.

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