Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What we do.

The home concierge and errand running business is someting that has become very popular in England and the States due to the fact that people now lead such busy lives that they will happily pay someone do their grocery shopping, clean their house, maintain the garden or many of the other mundane but necessary tasks that we have to do.

Although most people in Ibiza lead a fairly stress free life there are other obstacles that they come across. For most people that have settled here from another country the main obstacle is the language barrier. I remember when I first arrived here ten years ago and didn´t speak Spanish, how frustating it was trying to communicate with trades men or trying to do the simplest things

A recent survey in Spain showed that a high percentage of locals are not sure exactly what they have to do get their passports or drivers licence renewed.

Now imagine how absolutely lost the foreign community is with all the Spanish red tape and paperwork.

I have found that one of the main things people ask me do is accompany them when they are applying for Residents permits or changing their car or help translating at the Notary if they are buying a property. Having someone who speaks Spanish definetly makes it stress free.

However translating is not all we do.

We can house sit while you are away.
Take your dog for a walk.
De-clutter your garage.
Help you get your business ready for the summer.
Weekly cleaning.
Grocery shopping.
Garden maintenance.
Pick up your dry cleaning.
Wait in for repair men.
Take you car to the ITV centre.

Basically if its legal we can do it.

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